Meta-morph ME!

The Idea:

Create a documentary film about my journey from today to becoming the next version of me.  My next life situation will be that of a “guru” for lack of a better term…I like “coach” better.  I will do speeches, seminars/workshops, videos, films, mp3s, CDs, books…the whole lot.

Today I have a regular job as a DOD contractor.  The film will document the process of my Metamorphosis  from this life to the life of a guru.

Definite Plans:

  • A contest!  An online campaign to allow aspiring documentary film makers submit videos on youtube.  The winner of this contest will win some of my money (not sure how much they need).  We will use my money to start producing the film.
  • Connect to other “gurus”.  The primary story of the film will be to document my meetings and interactions and training with other “gurus”…like Dr. Wayne Dyer, Steve  and Erin Pavlina, Deepak Chopra.  The film will create enough buzz on the internet to grant me access and agreements with all the best guru’s to help me become my best guru and to share my message of universal compassion and agape love.
  • Stories, videos, and pictures from my life.  The “back” story of the film will be other people talking about me (yikes!).  So if you know me…send me your videos of you talking about me, or write a story, or send me some pictures.  This will be mostly used to promote the film on a new web page and on youtube…the best of these submissions will either be used raw in the film or be filmed again for backstory material in the film (or maybe lots of DVD extras!)

Mastermind Group:

I need lots of help, but a small number of you will become my mastermind group…there may be many mastermind groups.  If you are interested in helping me produce this dream into reality, please let me know.

For those of you who have not noticed, I am using the language of  “Think and grow Rich” so a big THANK YOU goes out to Mike Schumacher for introducing me to this great book.

Meta-morph ME!!!  GO!