Life Coaching by Yooper

Hey all,

If you follow me all on facebook then you might have noticed that I offered all my friends a session of free “life coaching”.  I just had a chat on skype with some friends about what we all want our life coaching sessions and interactions to be like.

I thought it would be a good idea, to lay out some of my assumptions and choices about life, the universe and everything to help you decide if you might like to get  ONE FREE session (FREE…for now).

Assumptions/Choices of Yooper

1.  You are (one is) 100% responsible for everything that they (one) experience.

If you don’t believe this to be the case, and you are currently choosing to blame anyone outside of yourself for your problems, issues, roadblocks or any other forms of “stuckness”…then you might not want to get a session with me…because then we would not agree on that big point :D.  Nuff said.

2.  Thoughts are creative and we create our waking lives with our thoughts, desires and dominate vibration or mood.

If this sounds like woo-woo horse pucky to you…then you might like to find a different life coach.

3.  We are all one.

If you don’t think you are one or at least connected with everything else in the universe, that would be a large disagreement.  We can still chat and hang out, but you might want to find a different life coach.

This list is subject to change…

Ok, so if you agree with the big three, then we can probably work together.  If you disagree with one or more of the above and still think you might benefit from a FREE life coaching session…then by all means let me know…what the heck it might be a hoot! 😀

If you want to read more about my belief system check out the links below: This is an old and probably out of date blog post about my belief system. This is my other web site, my belief system comes out in the overall theme of the site.

What is Life Coaching with Yooper?

I have been “coaching” people for years…friends, co-workers, family members, and drunk people in bars that I don’t really know at all.  Here is my very simple “method” of life coaching.

1.  Listen to you

Even if you disagree with me on the big three, if I am coaching you, I will listen to you have your say about your focus area.  Listening is something that I practice.  I don’t just listen to your words, but I try to get beyond what you are saying and listen for what you MEAN.  Empathetic listening is what my goal is…to receive the meaning and to understand and empathize with your current situation.

2.  Make suggestions from my practical life experience

If I can provide insights that might help you from my personal life experience, this might provide you  value.  I have done a large variety of living all over the world and have been through my fair-share of “stuckness”, frustration, and rough spots…

3.  Provide suggestions from and insights from my spiritual perspective

Meditation?  Yes…that helps everyone.  Exercise and diet…not my areas of expertise…but low hanging fruit for general stuckness…but for the really BIG ROCK  issues, there is probably a spiritual question that your are asking yourself and producing some sort of internal conflict.  No promises, but if you can embrace a sort of faith in a power greater than you imagine you are, I might be able to guide you through some of those spirit hurdles.

Caution:  A coach does not WANT to fight your battles for you!!!  Those dragons are there for YOU to slay, so you can GROW…I can perhaps help you understand why the dragon keeps winning and maybe suggest which sword to try next.

Potential Benefits

1.  Increased clarity on personal truths

One of my goals is to help you gain clarity about what is true for you in any situation.  Once you realize what is true for you, you can move toward…

2.  Acceptance of what “IS”

Regardless of the situation, internal conflict generally arises from a lack of acceptance.  Once you accept where you are…and face it for what it is…you can then choose consciously where to go next.

3.  Help determine what you might like to move toward

Many issues in life arrive from a lack of a clear goal, desire or intention.  What do you want?  Since we are creating our life experience, we might as well learn how to choose consciously.

4.  Practice in letting go of your desire and trusting in our source

Many times, our perceived desires can trip us up…and letting go of needing all the answers and trusting that your source will allow you to have any state you can create learn to create inside of yourself.  This is where we learn to act as if we are what we desire…while allowing source some space to create the best possible life.   There is no success…there is no failure…only results.

5.  Learn to Forgive yourself and others

If we accept now as is, and create the future, we can also learn to “revise” the past…not the facts…but what the facts mean to us NOW.  Everyone has a lifetime of limiting beliefs.  I can help you release those limiting beliefs and install new believes about your past, so you can forgive your past self.  Once you learn to forgive yourself for your past (whatever it is) you can move into a space that will allow you to forgive “others” in your life NOW.

Not so frequently asked questions

Are you psychic?

Yes…but I am not giving you a reading.  Everyone is a little psychic…and all communication is psychic…I use my intuition to guide my suggestions and questions.  I won’t be talking to your spirit guides…unless they shout at me and knock me down with a message…that is highly doubtful…but if it happens…I will charge you extra for the reading 😀

You are really good!  Can I pay you for another session?

You betcha.  I am currently working out a pricing plan…stay tuned!!!