Holiday trip to AZ

Merry, Happy, Festive <insert your holiday here>!

Yayoi and and I will hit the road this am to visit friends in Tucson and Phoenix…thanks everyone for all the great cards and little notes and newsletters…that’s fun reconnecting with people all other the world.

We rented a car for the trip (for various reasons) and we got a Nissan Altima Hybrid…this is my first time driving any Hybrid…it’s pretty cool…the trunk is dreadfully small, we were hoping to get a nice big trunk for all the cargo we are lugging around…we made it all fit but it is very tight.  I guess all those batteries take up a lot of space.

Thanks Liz for making me take my sirius radio home with me…I was able to rig it up in the rental and so I can listen to the Packer game (last game of the year!) on Sunday, 28 Dec.

I will try to check Twitter a couple of times, but I will probably stay mostly offline until Monday…follow me at

Feed, Love, Serve!

Yoops 🙂