Global Consciousness Project Index: It is RED…what is coming?

This index tracks “the global consciousness” of events on earth…it went bright red for a few hours before MAJOR events like 9/11.

As of the date/time of this post…the dot is RED…so what do you think is about to happen? I have had a feeling that something was coming since the 4th of July trip…no clue what it is though. Perhaps something in the Pacific Northwest?

If anyone has any idea what is coming…post your guesses as comments…might be fun!

4 thoughts on “Global Consciousness Project Index: It is RED…what is coming?

  1. Or it could be a bunch of BS, who documented it went red before 9-11, any independent documentation? Or did it cherry pick information after the fact. I was in DC and I had friends in NY that day and noone felt anything out of the ordinary.

    Color me unconvinced, especially as it was green when I looked.

  2. Thomas: Thanks for the comment! It most definitely be a big steaming pile of BS…when I went to check the news when it showed orange, the hottest news item was 9 US troops died in Afghanistan. Obviously a tragic event, but nothing on the scale of a 9-11.

    Maybe I got the color wrong and it only went orange, or maybe it is just a bunch of BS…I just think its kinda fun to watch on ocassion.

    So, how did your move go?

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