The "link" where YooperSmith learned about money

I gave my co-worker, Liz, some advice today. I said, “Liz, you need to take that money you have out of that annuity (ummm?) and put it in a self directed brokerage account so you can invest in some index based stock mutual funds and ETFs.” (or something like that). Then I showed her how much money I was making doing just that.

Liz asked me where I learned about investing and money…ha ha you have to click!

(I realized that I know NOTHING about annuities, so I will have to figure out if this is doable from a legal/tax/make money point of view…but I digress).

I told her that she needs to start here:’s+School&vstest=search_042607_linkdefault

This why I have money. The Motley Fool is an AWESOME web site run by some very SMART and FUNNY dudes that really know their *#&T! about money and investing.

I think you should skip right over everything I say and just go to instead, because they are experts.

When it comes to money and investing, I’m lazy. I did my homework years ago, I learned how to be a Fool and I have never looked back. To me, it is oh so easy.

I will always defer to those more wise than me, and on the topic of money and investing (and many others I’m sure) I tip my hat and point my links to Tom and Dave Gardner.

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  1. I’ve looked at the website, and I am on my way to becoming a Fool also! Thanks so much for the advice!

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