Does the World Need to be Saved?

Before you get your hopes up, I don’t have THE answer. I am just going to offer some answers based on some books that I have read.

No: The world is perfect the way it is.

This answer is not directly from any particular book that I read, but a view that I developed based on ideas from several sources. The idea goes something like this:

The world is the way it is with fear, anger, pain, death etc.; because that is the way WE made it. We made it that way to learn the difference between those ideas and their opposites. Each of us chooses to limit ourselves before coming to earth with a plan to work on a certain aspect of life. Maybe, we choose to overcome the challenge of being blind. Maybe we choose to be a psychotic serial killer, to live that experience. Perhaps we choose to be a savior or a teacher or a farmer etc.?? Each of us chooses what to do in our lives each time we are born.

From this perspective, those that choose to ???save the world??? are really doomed to fail in a way. They can work to help to improve the world, but can???t really ???save it??? within one lifetime.

This doesn???t mean you shouldn???t work towards saving the world, but that it will never be completed while you are walking around in a body.

From this perspective the world doesn???t need to be ???saved??? because the world isn???t as real as the rest of the universe. The rest of the universe outside of earth has already been saved, and earth is just another ???thing to do??? while living your eternal life. Your earth life is finite, so the best you can hope to do on earth figure out what you want to do and go for it with all your heart and soul.

Yes. The world needs to be saved, and it???s the only way out of earth.

This idea is mostly from A Course in Miracles. Everyone that doesn???t want to be re-born on earth needs to ???save the world???.

All humans are really ???brothers??? of the Son of God. And God only has one son. This puts all humanity on the same level of Jesus.

We all believe that we are separate from God and each other, but we are not, we are all one. One mind, one energy and one Universe.

Our experience of the ???the world??? on earth and in the universe is not ???real???, but merely perception. The goal of life is to make your perception ???true???. This is the best we can hope for on earth, that we realize that ???there is no out there??? beyond what we project into the world. In other words, if we hate a person, we will see a person that hates us. If we are angry with a person, then that person will show us anger.

Now, if you forgive others, regardless of what they send your way, then you are getting closer to true perception.

A neat trick is to choose only to hear two things that are behind all messages received from others. Either the message is ???I love you unconditionally??? in which your response is ???back at you!??? Or you choose to hear ???I need help???. Since you rarely ever hear the ???I love you message??? You will be hearing a lot more requests for help. The more you help people, regardless of what they give to you, the closer you get to save the world.

From this viewpoint, the world will be saved someday, but it also has already been done. I???m still working on the lessons from A Course in Miracles (there are 365 lesons and you are supposed to do one per day…this will take me way more than 1 year!). If I save the world, I???ll let you know.?? 🙂

The question is moot.

From this viewpoint, the question itself is not really worth asking. If you see pain, death and suffering, then the world needs saving and so do you, because if you see, you created it. What this means is that it’s not the world that needs saving so much as YOU do (and everyone on earth, with a rare few exceptions).

There are a few people on earth, maybe about 14 or so folks, that are already saved, but are still on earth in a physical body. Their presence on earth does the lion share of the positive counter-balancing against the other 85 percent of the human population. The 15 percent of the population whose level of consciousness is about the 200 level (ref a great article about Dr. David R. Hawkins’ book Power vs. Force by Steve Pavalina) keeps the other 85 percent from destroying the earth.

Why is the question moot? If you ask the 14 or so folks that are already saved, they would say that the universe (the earth included) is perfect and there is nothing to fear and maybe try to help you change your level of consciousness. If you got the rest of the other 15 percent of the human population (all those who are living about the 200 level of consciousness) they would all have different answers that are true within their particular level. Some would say, YES! And I am working on it right now! Others would say, NO! Everything is as it should be. Still others would say, maybe, but I???m not sure how to help.

Yeah, but what you do you think?

Ok, I won???t fence sit. I???m not sure where I calibrate on the Hawkins scale, but I hope that I am over 200 or at least 200. From where I sit now, I think the world does need to be saved. My current plan is to ???follow my bliss???. This means to do what makes me feel good and what brings me joy and peace. I???m not sure how I can do this and make a living after I retire from the Air Force, but I know I would prefer to not have a job. I know I would prefer to have enough money to do all the things I can dream about doing (in other words I want to be wealthier than I already am). I think that the best way for me to ???save the world??? is to work on saving myself, and in turn help those that need help. This is a two way street. Wherever you are now on the Hawkings scale (0 ??? 1000, zero being dead and 1000 being Jesus Christ and Buddha) there are always going to be folks ahead of you, trying to help you up and those below you reaching for a hand up. So, if I can work out a way to live and thrive in the world that makes me happier than my current job, I will be that much closer to saving the world.

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