How to Forgive Yourself

Forgiveness is essential for real progress in spiritual growth. Unfortunately, the movies coming out today sort of leave this out. Don’t get me wrong I love ???The Secret??? and ???What the bleep do we know????, however; folks out there who are holding on to long-held regrets and remorse will have a very hard time making use of these great ideas if they don’t first learn how to let go of the past. In other words, people need to learn how to forgive.
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Step 2: Pay off your Credit Cards

Note:????This is the second step??to financial freedom,??I??figured out that I had already written it before I figured I wanted to write a series.?? There is some duplicated story telling in here, so sorry for that,??but the information is still relevant.??

Everything I know about finance and investing I owe to the good folks at the Motley Fool ( One of their guiding principles is everyone should learn to ???live below your means???. Now that sounds simple, but this is actually more difficult than it sounds on the surface. For me this means that your monthly income should be more than your monthly outgoing payments. The first step in living below your means is to get out of debt, specifically credit card debt.

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Travel Log: Camp Moabi on the Colorado River

I returned from my RV adventure on the Colorado River on Labor day. Other than the heat of the desert, I had a great time. The friends that I went with have two wave runners, so we rode those everyday from our private beach. Riding on a river is better than riding on a lake for a lot of reasons. First, we got the private beach and were able to launch the boats once and ride all week and just tie them off at the beach. Also, you don’t have to follow any “camp rules” and can pretty much do whatever you want on the boats…hard turns, 360’s…whatever. Next, you can go somewhere because you are not stuck in a Lake. We rode the wave runners to Lake Havasu. We tied off the boats for free at the dock and had lunch and did a little shopping before we headed back. Lastly, in the river (and in Lakes for that matter), people gather at sandbars and drink beer, get naked and generally have a good time.

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