Blogging is fun, not matter what you mess up, it's pretty easy to fix…so far.

Well, I managed to setup my domain and linux hosting account with Then I messed up the domain name and had to reinstall wordpress about 8 times!!! This is because I am just messing around and hosing things up and having to start over. I think doing things this way, but it sucks because I lost some work…nothing major, but the next thing I’m going to teach myself is how to back up my blog!

Also, I am going RVing next week out to the colorado river to ride waverunners and drink beer. I hope to see alot of tan female flesh out on the sandbar. I heard about this guy that gets all the babes (some are topless!!!) by making them frozen drinks. Turns out that he converted a weedeater into a blender. Dudes will do ANYTHING for babes!!!

I will try to set up my categories and do some startup posts before I go.