A Band Called Sue

Guest Post:   Jindai Hideo is one of my life-long friends that I met in Japan during my first Air Force tour-of-duty.   I asked him to pop in and post something whenever he wants to, and this is his first submission.  Thanks bud, I love your first post…it’s perfect.

A Band Called Sue

I know that some people think that everything that goes on in dreams has to be interpreted, that there is some meaning for your waking life contained in the rapid firing of neurons in the subconscious. I don’t agree. I don’t think that all dreams can be included on the “This means SOMETHING” list.

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How to Meditate the YooperSmith way

Meditation is very important to me. I meditate one way or another practically everyday. To me, meditation is a very easy because I have been praticing since 2004. The good news is you can learn how to mediatate rather quickly and the more you practice, the easier it gets.

(Part of) Meditation, Yoga & Spiritual Growth Carnival- Edition #12

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Dreams are great, when they lead you to ACTION!

Today I took some very fun ACTIONS:

  • Paid about $512 to start YooperSmith.com, LLC.
  • Signed up for Google AdSense
  • Added 1 ad unit to my Home page
  • Added a google search to my Home page.

I did most of these things WHILE watching the packer game, wearing shorts and slippers. :-)

Oh yeah, I want my webpage to provide value to my readers, and in turn for FREE valuable content, my intent is to get PAID with google AdSense and other passive income streams.

THANKS! to Liz T from work. All she said was, “Update your web page, it’s cool”. So, I thought, um ok. :-) Inspiration comes from many places, I guess you just have to listen for it.

Update: The world is just fine.

Does the world need to be saved? Nope. It is just as it supposed to be.

I believe that regardless of what happens during my life on earth as a human, I will continue to be. My current goal is to make my life more happy for me and to help those around me that request it.

Liz, my co-worker, told me to update my web page, so I did. Liz, I know this is short, but thanks for the advice. I will update the web page more often as long you read what I write. I guess it’s no fun blogging to just me.