Carnival Cross Promote: E-3 Carnival of How Money Works – January 4, 2008

One of my posts was picked up by the carnival below and it is being cross-hosted so you get two links for the price of one!

E-3 Link

Cross Link (

One of my favorite things about blogging is that their is a community of bloggers out there that help each promote each other’s blogs. One of the best ways to do this is at

Here is how this works, I write a great post, and Liz reads it and then my readership would pretty much stop there. BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE!!

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Dreams are great, when they lead you to ACTION!

Today I took some very fun ACTIONS:

  • Paid about $512 to start, LLC.
  • Signed up for Google AdSense
  • Added 1 ad unit to my Home page
  • Added a google search to my Home page.

I did most of these things WHILE watching the packer game, wearing shorts and slippers. 🙂

Oh yeah, I want my webpage to provide value to my readers, and in turn for FREE valuable content, my intent is to get PAID with google AdSense and other passive income streams.

THANKS! to Liz T from work. All she said was, “Update your web page, it’s cool”. So, I thought, um ok. 🙂 Inspiration comes from many places, I guess you just have to listen for it.

Blogging is fun, not matter what you mess up, it's pretty easy to fix…so far.

Well, I managed to setup my domain and linux hosting account with Then I messed up the domain name and had to reinstall wordpress about 8 times!!! This is because I am just messing around and hosing things up and having to start over. I think doing things this way, but it sucks because I lost some work…nothing major, but the next thing I’m going to teach myself is how to back up my blog!

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