About YooperSmith.com

Update:  Jan 2013:

I am now doing bodywork/massage and Reiki:  Check out my private practice site:




A “Yooper” describes a person that is from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. The Upper Peninsula is abbreviated as U.P. So, those from there started calling themselves U.P.ers that that morphed into “Yooper”.

I joined the United States Air Force when I was 18. Now, I am 38 and will retire on 31 Dec 07.  I thought it would be fun to start a blog to share my life’s experience with the world.

I hope to advise, amuse and enlighten my readers. I am still learning how blog, but eventually, I intend to share with you my experience in life, travel, money, spiritual matters and hope to offer real value with my advice and insights.

I don’t intend to sell products here, but I might in the future. I do intend to make money from this blog through advertisements that are related to my content.

So, poke around and read some of my posts and let me know what you think.