Story collection project

Calling all story tellers! I want to do a podcast where I have guests on to tell a story. The stories can be true or made up…topics may include but are not limited to:

Amazing true stories
Inspirational tales
Miracles large and small
Success stories despite the odds
Noble and funny (now) failures
Embarrassing funny stories
Weird idea stories, even just cool ideas

You can submit stories to me via email, and I will contact you to set up a time to record a podcast.

If this works, I’d like to make a book.

Let’s have fun!

2 thoughts on “Story collection project

  1. Hey John! Just send me a story idea, and we can set up a time to record a skype call chat were you tell the story and I provide commentary and ask questions. It’s all very experimental and “play it by ear”, I’m sure I will have to make up some rules as we go along.

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