Juice “Fast” Reboot Prep: Benefits I have noticed…so far.

Since the new year, I have been preparing for a Juice “fast” Reboot…if you don’t know what that is all about…check out this post over at my Podcast Cast site “Shift Cast”…


So, to sum up I have:

– Limited beer to less then once a week
– Quit Caffeine
– I am weening off nicotine

In addition, I am eating more veggies and fruit and less junk. Very little meat, dairy, fish, and bread/pasta..


Weird Joint pains in hips, knees, and other places
Energy lulls at different times


Weight Loss
Overall energy increase
Increased mental clarity
Taste/Smell improved
Seems like I can hear better 😀
Deeper connection with Yayoi (my awesome and beautiful wife of 19 years!!)

The hearing improvement is most likely about having more mental energy to pay attention to music.

I will post more as I go…I just wanted to get this down before it went away…

2 thoughts on “Juice “Fast” Reboot Prep: Benefits I have noticed…so far.

  1. Great post… My fiance and I just started out ‘reboot’ and so far it’s been tough. This is day 3 and we’ve mostly just been tired with intermittent headaches. I think I feel a little bit better on this day 3, but nothing very significant yet. We got started on our ‘reboot’ because of a documentary called “Sick, Fat and Nearly Dead”… which is a really good documentary about a CEO in Australia who is struggling with his weight and health problems and decides to tour America and interview people while doing the fast. He and another gentleman lost a crapload of weight–pun intended! 🙂

    Anyway… kudos to you.. I hope you are successful in beating nicotine, I was addicted for years and now I’m not… it’s much better!



  2. Hey Gary!! Thanks for the comment!! I saw the same movie… I did two 10-day reboots, now I am back in school and slacking off a little more, but still eat more veggies, and fruit…

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