New Habit Creation – Walk 5 minutes after lunch

Howdy world,

I am working on building my skill of habit creation…and I need your help to keep me accountable.

I will start my habit on 30 May 2011. This week I am not doing the habit yet…the method is to plan the new habit for 1 week before you do the habit. The new habit is very simple. After lunch everyday, I will walk for 5 minutes (max 10 minutes). I love walking, so this habit is a positive way to get a little bit of exercise and fresh air, but more importantly to help me to learn the skill of habit creation.

How can you help?

If you eat lunch with me…take a walk with me for 5 minutes!

You can ask me on twitter, facebook, or comment on this blog post and check to see how I am doing with my goal.

Follow along with my progress over the next 4 -6 weeks on twitter, here and facebook and support me when I succeed and when I fail as well…

This is part of a new course From Leo of Zen Habits

Thank you for your support! 😀