1st Virtual CGW meetup on SKYPE was AWESOME!

We had 7 folks show up for the first skype meetup!!! That is an unqualified success!!! 😀

We will do it again in two weeks with hopefully fewer  (hopefully) tech glitches to start out with…. The date time are up for grabs either Sat or Sunday…time wise…morning is best for me…but I will do my best to flex to the group wishes.

We all shared, laughed and re-kindled the connection from CGW#1…it lasted about 1:30 minutes…which seemed about right to me…so I will plan to run these not longer than two hours…too much of a good thing right 😀

And the fantastic news is that I thought that I would miss my football game for this meetup…and was again…cool with missing the game…but turns out my game starts late this week!

The universe loves me….