We can create a health care system that WORKS!

The government is really unable to create a health care system that will help americans be healthy…good news is WE can.

The government IS US anyway, we made it, so it’s OUR fault that the government can’t create a healthy health care system…so we shouldn’t be so hard on the governement…they do put on a very entertaining show!  😀

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2 thoughts on “We can create a health care system that WORKS!

  1. I have worked on health care from the side of someone promoting IT to improve the system and a medical device manufacturer tracking implanted devices and you are over stating the simplicity of it. It’s very complicated but Mackey’s recent Wall Street Journal opinion piece had the best real world solutions I have seen suggested.

  2. Hey Thomas!

    If there is ONE thing I am good at (that’s a big IF) it’s oversimplifying…of course it has to be complicated. I just like the idea that consumers of health care drive the debate versus folks with motives like profit or political clout drive the nature of converstation.

    …on another note…I found some friends that want to BREW!!

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