Where were you during that moment of history?

I watched for about 1 hour from 8:30 until after the benediction (around 9:30) L.A. Time.  I was in our conference room, where I helped install Dish TV as part of my old job…now I’m glad I got that done.

The room was full (several folks were on the floor) with military, government civilians and contractors watching history unfold together… 

…We all stood up while Mr. Obama took his oath…

…Most of us in the room had taken several very similar oaths in our lives and we all chuckled as Mr. Obama stumbled a little on the words of the oath.

I think most people closed their eyes during the invocation.  I did briefly, but then choose to open my eyes to witness the images from across the country…I also wished we could see people watching all around the world.

…I asked myself, how do I know when am serving my country in the best way…I figured out that when I am enthused about what I am doing, I am serving, not only my country, but all of humanity to the best of my ability…stand by for more on that.