How do we fix Our Economy?

I found this link (after listening to Deepak Chopra…of course).

This is a pdf file of a 14-point plan that I think rings true…what you think (Thomas, Liz, Sco, Sigs…)

Check it out and let me know.

Of course, it won’t matter after the FDO takes over the world…but in the mean time…

2 thoughts on “How do we fix Our Economy?

  1. Seems to me to be an oversimplified way the economy works. Probably making things worse in some areas in not many.

    The housing market if you listen to Sec. Paulsen on Charlie Rose tonight is directly discussing efforts to “save people’s homes” but many of these people walked into situations they couldn’t afford. Now they are simply walking away now rather than find a way to make it work. That is why the banks are facing crisis.

    The healthcare thing sounds great but how to pay, it doesn’t say and simple transfering to government control will not resolve that. For example recently in the UK it turns out that the government paid doctors not to refer people for potential further research of medical problems and the death rate from cancer is on the rise. I don’t care about abortion as an issue, but to people who do, putting the government in charge of your health care means it will in time tell you if you can have an abortion or not. Even if Obama is elected today it means someday someone else would be deciding the issue later.

    The issues of stock and price control in the stock market reek of goverment mandated market controls, or more honestly *ahem* Socialism.

    The market is a very complex system this sounds great but it reads in the details something that will ultimately hurt the US productivity and economy even further. Frankly I don’t buy it, sorry.

    Transparency, freedom are the answers to all, anything else is lipstick on a pig that will cost us all in more government intervention and taxes in the long run.

  2. Thomas: Good points all! Thanks as always for adding to the discussion.

    I like the a couple of basic ideas:

    – Less defense spending.

    – Universal health care…however we pay for it.

    – Refocus the primary purpose of business to provide value for a fair price versus profit as the end all be all of existence.

    I don’t want to get a PHD in economics…so I will leave it up to others to implement my “PLAN”. 🙂

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