Infected Novel in Hard Cover…check this video trailer

You all know that I am a dirty junkie…right?

By that, I mean, that I am addicted to author Scott Sigler’s books and podcasts and now even his videos.

Download FREE audio versions (Podcasts) of all his books (or get info how at least) at

I posted about Scott before…and I thought this video trailer was very F*&#ing cool so…here you go:

4 thoughts on “Infected Novel in Hard Cover…check this video trailer

  1. Scott was very cool to meet in person at Dragon*Con, you really ought to try to make the trip next year. Lots of good folks you would have enjoyed.

  2. Hey Thomas,

    I DO need to go to DragonCon next year! I need to start planning for it now.

    How’s the south treating you guys?

  3. Thomas, dammit, don’t tell people I am anything but an Evil Asshat. I’m a horror writer, for crying out loud. You know, those sallow-faced dudes that wear all black with silver skull jewelry? Come on, I’ve got an image to uphold here!

    PS: Dragon*Con was fun, but I’m pretending it was a very tortured experience (the image thing again …)

  4. Scott,

    Funny you should mention “image” when you the FDO just posted a gay guy singing about triangles on the FDO’s EVIL web page…

    All due respect boss (and I realize you will now torture me to death EVEN longer and torture innocent bunnies in MY NAME!)…you screwed the “image” pooch with that gay video (even though it was really funny!).

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