Free Chapter to Steve Pavlina's new Book: Personal Development for Smart People

Steve Pavlina is the person who inspired me to start and

He wrote a book and is giving away a free chapter.  I just started reading this free chapter and so far it is VERY COOL!

click here to down load the free chapter and check out the post to learn more about the book here.

Steve was also nice enough to offer me and other bloggers (web page writers) advance copies of his book (for Free) as long as we read the book and write about it in October.

I am still waiting for the book, but check here in October to see what I thought about the book.

Michael Moore's new film is online for free

I love Michael Moore…I mean what’s not to love?

– From Michigan

– Fat

– Funny

He’s like me with hair!

Anywho, I just got an email from Jindai letting me know that Michael Moore is giving away his new movie online on 23 Sep, if you sign up for his web page with your email.

This is what my email said:

Come watch the trailer for the new Michael Moore movie
entitled "Slacker Uprising". You will be able to
download the entire movie for free on September 23rd
if you sign up!

There is also a funny trailer on YouTube posted below to check out.

Infected Novel in Hard Cover…check this video trailer

You all know that I am a dirty junkie…right?

By that, I mean, that I am addicted to author Scott Sigler’s books and podcasts and now even his videos.

Download FREE audio versions (Podcasts) of all his books (or get info how at least) at

I posted about Scott before…and I thought this video trailer was very F*&#ing cool so…here you go: