Bike, Buses, and Trains…I DID it!

Yesterday, I achieved the goal of taking my bike to work on the Metro.  I left the house about a half hour early, I was a little worried that the train would be too full for me to fit my bike on the train that I usually use.

The return trip was great!  I left the office around 3:00 pm and there was plenty of space on the train.  I took the train to the half point of the trek and then rode my bike the last seven miles or so instead of waiting for the bus.  I think I got home sooner than I would have if I had waited for the bus…so that was cool.

I am going to keep experimenting with different ideas for better ways to get to work and using the Metro and my bike.  I still drove about three days since taking the plunge in to GREEN comutting for various reasons, but over all, I really prefer the metro/bike option.

I definately save money on gas…and I have a chance to get a work out in while I am traveling to work.