Bikes, Buses and Trains…OH MY!

  1. I bought a bike.  I have not OWNED a bike since I was a kid.  If you are into bikes, I got a GIANT FCR 3.  It’s a “fitness bike”, that is good for using to ride 10-20 miles…like if you want to ride to work.  I want to ride to work…someday.
  2. I am riding the “Metro” today.  Metro is LA’s public transport system.  I am taking a bus to the train station and a train to work.  There is walking involved so…
  3. …I am wearing work out clothes to work and taking my work clothes in a backpack.

Mostly, I am doing this for fitness.  Riding a bike is a blast.  I forgot how much fun it is to ride a bike.  It’s so fun, I don’t even think I am working out, and I am getting a great work out.  Also, my knees are pretty much shot and the bike doesn’t make that worst like running.

The only downside to the bike is that it still hurts my butt/crotch after a while.  I hear one gets used to this or learns to ride in a way to minimize this affect.  I used to ride all the time when I was a kid and it never hurt, so I think I will get used to it.

Once, I get the metro route down, I will start taking my bike with me, to ride between stops.  Next, I will ride 1/2 way to work and use Metro for the other half.  Finally, I want to ride to work one way and Metro 1 way.

Perhaps someday, I will ride both ways on my bike…but that would be 22ish miles per day, so if may be a while before I want to do that.