Where the Hell is Matt? (2008)

Apparently, Matt has been running around the world, and dancing in some very interesting locations. In 2008, some friends joined him…I really liked the DMZ…no joy :-(.

Thanks to Alice in San Diego…not only did she help me with my internet and TV service (I ended up canceling the account…but she helped!)…she shared a lot of fun stuff with me on the phone this morning.

I still need to check out “The Big Idea”…stay tuned.

Here’s Matt’s video….The Vimeo feed might work better if you turn off HD.

Where the Hell is Matt? (2008) from Matthew Harding on Vimeo.

Bikes, Buses and Trains…OH MY!

  1. I bought a bike.  I have not OWNED a bike since I was a kid.  If you are into bikes, I got a GIANT FCR 3.  It’s a “fitness bike”, that is good for using to ride 10-20 miles…like if you want to ride to work.  I want to ride to work…someday.
  2. I am riding the “Metro” today.  Metro is LA’s public transport system.  I am taking a bus to the train station and a train to work.  There is walking involved so…
  3. …I am wearing work out clothes to work and taking my work clothes in a backpack.

Mostly, I am doing this for fitness.  Riding a bike is a blast.  I forgot how much fun it is to ride a bike.  It’s so fun, I don’t even think I am working out, and I am getting a great work out.  Also, my knees are pretty much shot and the bike doesn’t make that worst like running.

The only downside to the bike is that it still hurts my butt/crotch after a while.  I hear one gets used to this or learns to ride in a way to minimize this affect.  I used to ride all the time when I was a kid and it never hurt, so I think I will get used to it.

Once, I get the metro route down, I will start taking my bike with me, to ride between stops.  Next, I will ride 1/2 way to work and use Metro for the other half.  Finally, I want to ride to work one way and Metro 1 way.

Perhaps someday, I will ride both ways on my bike…but that would be 22ish miles per day, so if may be a while before I want to do that.

Being Peace by Deepak Chopra

I love Deepak Chopra. I have read one of his books (How to know God) and watched several of his videos. Also, I listen to his wellness radio show every Saturday that I am home.

His newsletter is called Namaste, and it being summer time, I am behind on my reading…but I just checked out the June issue…and he asked me to pass on peace. He wanted me to email all my friends, but who wants more email you didn’t ask for…even if its from a friend?

Peace is a means to peace. If you want peace, you need to find peace within your mind, body and soul. In order to give peace (or use or create peace), you must HAVE peace or better yet…BE PEACE. Then you can pass it on.

TEDTalks: My Stroke of Insight

This video is about a brain doctor who had a stroke.  When she had the stroke, her left brain stopped working and she slowly lost her connection with her “body identity”…and was still alive.  She felt as big as the universe and found it hard to believe that her consciousness could fit into a little body.

I hope you can check out the video—if these link doesn’t work, search for “TEDtalks stroke” on YouTube.

Free Hugs!

This is a fun video I got from Deepak Chopra’s newsletter Namaste.  If you can’t watch, or it does work, just search YouTube for free hugs.

One dude walks around with a sign that says “FREE HUGS”…eventually people start hugging.

If you know me, I hug quite a bit, so I like hugs.


Global Consciousness Project Index: It is RED…what is coming?

This index tracks “the global consciousness” of events on earth…it went bright red for a few hours before MAJOR events like 9/11.


As of the date/time of this post…the dot is RED…so what do you think is about to happen? I have had a feeling that something was coming since the 4th of July trip…no clue what it is though. Perhaps something in the Pacific Northwest?

If anyone has any idea what is coming…post your guesses as comments…might be fun!

Travel Log: Vancouver Canada

We returned from a 2 night/3-day trip to Vancouver Canada last night.?? Here is the photo summary:

??Day 1:?? Thursday 3 July

??Get up way too early to catch the early flight.

Arrive and??get some lunch at Tim Horton (Tim bits are doughnut holes…very tasty)

Tim bits

Then we went for a Bike Ride in Stanely Park…

Bike Ride

??By the way, our hotel room had a great view (even on a cloudy day)…

view from hotel

Day 2:?? Lynn Canyon Park

Lynn Canyon

Day 3:?? Van Dusen Gardens

I was pretty pooped out:

Van Dusen Jeff

Yayoi was still ready to rock!

Van Dusen yayoi

If you want to see all the pictures check out this link: