Reality Examined: Separation

Nothing real can be threatened.
Nothing unreal exists.
Herein lies the peace of God.”

— A Course in Miracles (Text)

I feel happy. When I get tired or upset in anyway, first I take care of my physical needs: Rest, comfort, food, drink etc. Then I remember “the truth” as I believe it.

When I tell myself “The truth is still true”, my negative thoughts are laughed and chuckled away, like when a child has a bad dream and cries until a parent reminds the child “it’s ok, it was only a dream”.

Sometimes, I forget that my life on earth is really just a dream compared to what I consider…reality.

These ideas and beliefs are not easy to express and articulate plainly…that’s why mystics and master teachers always talk in circles and contradict themselves. The truth is really unexpressable with words…so here I go with yet another attempt to express the “unexpressable”.

I decided to break down the idea of “the truth” into smaller pieces that might fit in categories and or sub-headings. This might take a while to make any kind of sense, but heh I’m willing to give it a shot.

By the way, I don’t claim to know the truth…this is just what I call the truth, while at the same time, I know its not really true…it’s kind of like my best guess at what truth might be, or what I choose to believe is true for now.

Fundamental to my version of “the truth” is the idea of “the separation”.

This is not a new idea. Teachers, yogis, mystics and masters have been talking about “the separation” since those kind of guys have been walking and talking.

The idea goes something like this:

1. At some point “humans” began to believe that they were separate from god, the universe, the cosmos. Before the separation, “beings” existed and consciously were aware that they were all unified in one consciousness.

2. The separation is not real. It is a belief held so profoundly by “humans” that this single idea creates this dream that we are separate from the “universe”. If it were possible to be separate from the universe, it would be possible to “not exist”…which I just don’t believe.

3. Since humans “believe” they are separate from the universe or an island of consciousness with private thoughts…they also learn to believe in the idea of “others”. By the way, babies live on earth for about 1.5 years or so in complete unity consciousness. In other words, before certain experiences in our lives, we KNEW the truth, and could not perceive ourselves as separate from our environment or the “others” in it.

4. So, at some point humans learn that 1) this is me, I AM a body; 2) That person out there is a different body and is NOT me; 3) these things that I sense are things and they are also NOT me.

If you kept reading this far THANKS! I know this all sounds pretty dumb, but it is fundamental to figuring out how to be happy and at peace, regardless of your environmental situation on earth.

Think about the implications of the fundamental “error” in our belief that we are separate islands of consciousness.

1. We identify ourselves as a body. When the body dies…we cease to exist. Well, sure the body ceases, but it wasn’t really there to begin with! Your consciousness does not need a body to exist. If you want a new body, I’m pretty sure you can get a new one…you made the first one, why do we think we can’t just make another one?

2. If I am a body, I have needs. Physical needs, desires, will. If you have needs and you fear dying, then you have to defend what you have. At the personal level, this leads to people lashing out and attacking others that might threaten to harm you or take your stuff. At the national level, this creates a fear-based society, that always endeavors to domainate and control weak individuals and countries to “defend” and “protect” our way of life.

Once I realized that I am a sprit (or consciousness) having a human experience and NOT a human having spiritual experiences, I let go of a lot of fears and learned that the opposite of fear is LOVE.

If the idea of the separation is not true, then my entire “earthly” experience is all me. There is no “out there” out there. There are no “others”, they are just projections of the unity consciousness trying to teach me some lessons. Primary to the teaching is that the separation is a fundamental “error” and if we correct this error, we might be able to move forward with less fear and more love.

So, the next time you feel anger at that “other” person…give yourself a break…that’s you out there and there is no spoon NEO!