Japan Travel Log: Day 11…more time travel

It’s Sunday morning in Japan.?? I will get on a train soon and my flight leaves Japan at 3:00 pm Japan time.

I will arrive in LA at 9:45 on Sunday.?? Yes that is before I left Japan.

Time and space may be illusions, but jet lag sure feels real.

Japan has come along way and I am more at home here than I was years ago.?? The high speed internet connection at home is very nice.?? Also, there is really good cable tv options for a good price.

The beer still needs improvement.?? I really like ale, and they are hard to come by in this country.?? I might have to start home-brewing again if I ever move back to Japan.

This trip was a great test-run for our future life on the road.?? I was able to update the blog from virtually anywhere, and I would get better hardward to make it easier and more fun.

Next update will be from LA…and will be kinda??groggy.

??y00p—getting ready to fly again.