Travel Log: Japan Trip Day 5 update

Yesterday we took two trains to get to the city of Hida-Takayama.?? The ride was very scenic through the mountains and next to a river (of course I dont remember the name of the river!).Jeff in Old Village

After arriving in Hida-Takayama…we had lunch and shopped and walked around the tourist area of the city.?? There are pics…but I cant upload from until we get back home.

Today, we are taking a bus to visit a village that is listed on the some World Heritage list…it is supposed to be on the list of places you see before you die…so that makes it sound interesting.

After the villiage, we will return to the Takayama train station and catch another bus to go to another hotel…which is supposed to be in the woods and have a nice natural spring hot bath.

This hotel was pretty nice…like a business hotel.?? It was only a five minute walk from the train station, so that was nice.??

Dinner and breakfast were included in the room price along with access to two public hot baths.???? The bath that we both used (no…they are not co-ed!) has a open air bath on the roof of the hotel…so its private and you can be naked outside on the 9th floor of a building.?? That was fun for me…Yayoi didn’t go to the roof…I guess she’s not into that kind of thang.

I am having a good time so far…not to exhausting pace and lots of beer and good food.