Japan Travel Log: Day 3, Looking back at the trip

11 May 0745

I just got up and Yayoi is still sleeping (hmm just like home).?? The Japanese keyboard is a little different, but mostly the same…i just have to look for keys every now and again.

Here are some notes in case you have never done a long international flight:

  • 9 May – 0900 Leave house in Torrance in Taxi
  • 9 May – 1130 AM leave LAX in plane
  • ~12ish hours later
  • 10 May – 4:30 PM in Osaka Japan (Here where did Friday night go?)
  • 10 May – 5:15 PM I clear Immigration (there was a hugh tour group in line)
  • 10 May – 5:35 PM Yayoi finishes getting train reservations
  • 10 May – 5:45 PM We sit on the train from Oksaka to Kyoto (eat Bento)
  • 10 May – 6:50 PM We get on the train to??Home (there is one transfer)
  • 10 May – 9:30 PM We get to Aburahi Station??(Home)
  • 10 May – 11:00 PM I go to bed after beer and shower (Yayoi stayed up)

I didn’t do the exact time conversion, but after my shower I felt like it was time to stay up.?? It was close to my wake up time in LA.?? Thankfully I was pretty pooped and I slept very well.

This trip was lots better than trips in the past.?? We have arrived in Japan in the morning…that is the worst!?? You have to just feel like dead tired all day and can’t go to bed without mucking up your Japan sleep schedule.??

??This arrival time was pretty close to perfect.?? If I could to it again…a hotel stay for one night in Osaka area would be better…cuz you really want a shower right after you get off that plane.??

Or…if you could just take a shower and drink a couple of beers and then hit the road maybe that would work a little better.

Anywho, Today we are meeting some friends at their place for lunch…I will take pictures.?? I don’t know how I will post the pics…I don’t have my computer here, and this windows is in Japanese…I don’t really want to load software.?? If I can remember the password to the web FTP site for YS.com then I will be ok to upload the pics…otherwise I will have to figure something else out.

First I have to see if I can get camera to connect to this computer…I brought the cord but no software…fingers crossed!

y00p—Ready to ROCK! (could use some coffee)