Working on "Online Business" with Site Build it!

I am neglecting this blog, because I am spending my blog time working on my new online business with Site Build IT!

Site Build IT! Is awesome. Oh so more than a web host, they break down building a web-based business and help and motivate you along the way. I am still working on my site concept, but I can feel the wheels turning inside me now and I am getting excited to get up in the morning. My co-worker, Liz, will confirm with anyone that one of my long term goals is to be excited to jump out of bed and go to work. I think I am getting close to “motivated” to get up and work on my web page…I will be truly excited after I earn enough money from my online business and quit my day job. Don’t worry Liz, we can still hang out and hold hands and skip!

So, anyway, I apologize for the length of time between posts and will try to spend a few minutes blogging a couple of times a week as I work toward my dream of saving the world (mostly by being happy!).

Oh wait, the world is just fine…I need a new goal. 🙂