Book Preview: What Can a Dentist Teach You about Business, Life and Success?

Discover Secrets To Achieving Total Success!
By Dr. Joe Capista



Note: One of the things I LOVE(!) about blogging is the grass roots feel of the whole movement. I was asked very nicely to post about this book that is coming out today. Of course, I was a little skeptical about this request because I have not been blogging very long and my traffic is basically nil/low by most standards, so I thought something might be “fishy” about the book or the request. However, I accepted the offer to review the material and post about the book if I thought I might like to read it. As it turns out, the book looks very interesting and something I will read and definitely want to blog about.

First, I just love the title of the book. We can all learn something from everyone. I am no longer really only impressed by the “outward” signs of success such as money, advanced degrees, elevated positions, etc. There is nothing wrong with enjoying those things, but I am impressed and interested in what a person has to say. So, here is a Dentist teaching me about business, life and Success? YES! Great idea.

The author tells the story about how he achieved an externally defined measure of success: He made a lot of money building his dentistry practice. At the same time, he worked too much and his life was unhappy. The other aspects of his life (family, health, spiritual awareness) suffered because the only aspect of his life that he focused on was making money.

I have learned that using the “Law of Attraction” works perfectly, meaning you get ONLY what you focus on. So if your singular, laser-focus is on “making money” that is ALL you will get.

However, if you “let go” of the idea of making money all together and focus on giving of yourself in your own way that you truly enjoy doing and that “giving of yourself” provides value to others (ENOUGH others of course) then the money will come.

You can also apply the “law of least effort” to affect positive change in your life. That means that if you don’t feel good doing what you are doing, then you should stop and take a break and do something else for a while.


Dr. Joe Capista and his Wife Anne

The book just released, so I have only read a few “preview” chapters so far. My favorite Chapter is about balance and finding time for quiet, peaceful, inner reflection some time every day:

“… I have found that having a time and a place for quiet time in my home and life has enhanced me in ways that often amaze me. In the 25 plus years since beginning my reflection time, I no longer walk into a room and unconsciously turn on the radio or TV. Prior to that time, I would use the noise as a distraction.

Noise is a great avoider of reflection. I often say, ???You cannot hear when there is noise.??? Now I consciously work at minimizing the distractions and increasing the quiet time.

Make quiet time to be with yourself and to reflect. If you can’t be comfortable taking time to be with yourself, how can you expect others to want to be with you? …”

I, of course, totally agree with this excerpt. God’s voice is silence, so its difficult to hear the voice if there is too much noise. 🙂

If this book sounds interesting to you then check out the Amazon page and or check out the book trailer on Youtube.