Working on "Online Business" with Site Build it!

I am neglecting this blog, because I am spending my blog time working on my new online business with Site Build IT!

Site Build IT! Is awesome. Oh so more than a web host, they break down building a web-based business and help and motivate you along the way. I am still working on my site concept, but I can feel the wheels turning inside me now and I am getting excited to get up in the morning. My co-worker, Liz, will confirm with anyone that one of my long term goals is to be excited to jump out of bed and go to work. I think I am getting close to “motivated” to get up and work on my web page…I will be truly excited after I earn enough money from my online business and quit my day job. Don’t worry Liz, we can still hang out and hold hands and skip!

So, anyway, I apologize for the length of time between posts and will try to spend a few minutes blogging a couple of times a week as I work toward my dream of saving the world (mostly by being happy!).

Oh wait, the world is just fine…I need a new goal. 🙂

Book Preview: Scott Sigler creates his Reality

Scott Sigler is a writer. He scored a 4 book deal with crown publishing. What makes Scott worthy of mention is that he created his own audience after being rejected by so called big publishing for about 15 years.

Infected Hardcov

Scott’s Novel “Infected” will release 1 Apr 2008.

How did he do that? He will tell you the story (check out this you tube link). And I will try to sum it up:

1) He took action. He wrote many books (I’m not sure how many, but a lot). None sold.

2) He discovered “podcasting” in 2005. He used podcasting to give away audio versions of his books on the internet.

3) He built up an audience of about 30,000 dedicated fans.

4) He did a small print version of one of his books (“Ancestor”) and this book broke all kinds of records on Amazon and would have been #1 on Amazon if it had not been for a little book you might have heard of called “Harry Potter”.

5) Big publishing took notice and Scott now gets paid to take over the world. (inside joke…yes I am a junkie.)

6) Oh, by the way, he continued to have a life and work his day job to pay his bills while doing all of the above.

I will add that Scott used the the “Law of Attraction”. We all use the Law of Attraction, however Scott used it in a way that helped him get what he wants.

I think many people watch movies like “The Secret” and then go and sit crossed-legged in their bedroom and think about all the things they want, which is great! Then they turn on the TV and wait for things to show up, which won’t work. This would work, but you actually have to take action to receive all the things that you think about, and watching TV doesn’t really count for action. What Scott did, is what works.

I have never met Scott personally, but everyone I know that has met him, always uses the same word to describe Scott: “intense”. Scott is an intense individual. Since I have never met Scott, I will believe, for now, that Scott is an “intense” person. However, I am not exactly sure what that means. I bet when I do meet Scott, I will find him to be a person that has figured out what he wants and is focusing his energy on getting it. This would create the outward appearance of “intensity” because I believe that most people are walking around the world not knowing what they want, and therefore lack focused internal drive.

Knowing what you want is hugely important from my point of view. Others call this “goal setting” which is fine, but I prefer to call it getting what I want. People want to put dates on goals, which is necessary in the world of business, but is not the same as “knowing” what you want. I would rather get an idea of what I want and then work towards getting it, but at the same time not really care about the outcome.

Does that sound crazy? I think it might. Allow me to try to explain. Wait, no time to Xplain…lemme sum up! 🙂

The Law of Attraction for me works like this:

1) Ask: Think about what you want. Imagine it, think about how cool it will be. Make it seem as though you already have it and you feel great.

2) Give: Universe does this. Your role in this is step one.

3) Receive:?? Watch for signs, opportunities, ideas, dreams, inspiration, little coincidences.

4) Act: Do something positive toward moving your life toward one of those opportunities. Write a blog post, take a college class, work on a chapter of your book, promote your online business—DO SOMETHING. If you can’t think of anything to do…then go for a walk. MOVE your body.

5) Let go: Accept outcomes without judgment. Don’t get upset if things are not the way you want them to be. Recenter yourself, get happy, and start back at step 1.

If you are a fan of the horror genre, you may want check out Scott’s web page and his blog posts (he is VERY FUNNY!)

“We can revise the past. We can create the future. We must accept NOW as is.”

— Deepak Chopra

Book Preview: What Can a Dentist Teach You about Business, Life and Success?

Discover Secrets To Achieving Total Success!
By Dr. Joe Capista



Note: One of the things I LOVE(!) about blogging is the grass roots feel of the whole movement. I was asked very nicely to post about this book that is coming out today. Of course, I was a little skeptical about this request because I have not been blogging very long and my traffic is basically nil/low by most standards, so I thought something might be “fishy” about the book or the request. However, I accepted the offer to review the material and post about the book if I thought I might like to read it. As it turns out, the book looks very interesting and something I will read and definitely want to blog about.

First, I just love the title of the book. We can all learn something from everyone. I am no longer really only impressed by the “outward” signs of success such as money, advanced degrees, elevated positions, etc. There is nothing wrong with enjoying those things, but I am impressed and interested in what a person has to say. So, here is a Dentist teaching me about business, life and Success? YES! Great idea.

The author tells the story about how he achieved an externally defined measure of success: He made a lot of money building his dentistry practice. At the same time, he worked too much and his life was unhappy. The other aspects of his life (family, health, spiritual awareness) suffered because the only aspect of his life that he focused on was making money.

I have learned that using the “Law of Attraction” works perfectly, meaning you get ONLY what you focus on. So if your singular, laser-focus is on “making money” that is ALL you will get.

However, if you “let go” of the idea of making money all together and focus on giving of yourself in your own way that you truly enjoy doing and that “giving of yourself” provides value to others (ENOUGH others of course) then the money will come.

You can also apply the “law of least effort” to affect positive change in your life. That means that if you don’t feel good doing what you are doing, then you should stop and take a break and do something else for a while.


Dr. Joe Capista and his Wife Anne

The book just released, so I have only read a few “preview” chapters so far. My favorite Chapter is about balance and finding time for quiet, peaceful, inner reflection some time every day:

“… I have found that having a time and a place for quiet time in my home and life has enhanced me in ways that often amaze me. In the 25 plus years since beginning my reflection time, I no longer walk into a room and unconsciously turn on the radio or TV. Prior to that time, I would use the noise as a distraction.

Noise is a great avoider of reflection. I often say, ???You cannot hear when there is noise.??? Now I consciously work at minimizing the distractions and increasing the quiet time.

Make quiet time to be with yourself and to reflect. If you can’t be comfortable taking time to be with yourself, how can you expect others to want to be with you? …”

I, of course, totally agree with this excerpt. God’s voice is silence, so its difficult to hear the voice if there is too much noise. 🙂

If this book sounds interesting to you then check out the Amazon page and or check out the book trailer on Youtube.