Crushing Defeat! Giants 23, Packers 20


The Pack was favored to win this NFC Championship game, however they didn’t play all that well. Here are my notes (as a fan):

– They did not run the ball. The ran a little bit, but never really established the run game. This makes it easy for the defense to figure out what you are going to do (i.e. PASS!).

– They played the whole game “scared” like they knew they would loose….so they did.

– The defense played hard, but made alot of costly errors that led to points for the Giants.

– They gave up a couple turnovers, and didn’t get some turnovers that would have helped.

So, in my mind, the PACK was out played in every part of the game…and somehow they were able to tie it up in the end. Then in overtime, after winning the coin toss, they have another turnover and loose the game.

I think the better team won that game. The PACK may be a better team, but the Giants played better during this game.

The upside is…now the PACK is undefeated until next season!!

I hope the Giants win the Superbowl against the PATS!!!