The Meaning of Life: YooperSmith Belief System

I usually have a difficult time articulating my belief system to others, so I thought I would try to write about it and see if I can sum up the essentials, so without further ado (drum roll in your head) here it is….(dramatic pause):


Knowledge is beyond my reach while in a human body: This is the first thing I tell everyone that I talk to about things related to my belief system. #1 I only know that I know nothing. This allows me to adapt new beliefs into my overall system as I learn new things. It also means that I am not interested in convincing anyone that I am “right”. My beliefs are for me, I only share them with others so they can get an idea of where I am coming from. I don’t want to start a church or have people that become YooperSmithites :-). This is MY belief system…get your own!!

There is a “real” world, and we are not in it. This can be taken in a bad way, I suppose, but I believe that the events on earth are sorta of like a video game. When someone dies, it is??an event, and their “real life” continues, but their physical body dies. I don’t claim to know what happens after you die, I am just convinced that death is not an end, but merely an event.

Reality is not something I can know about while on earth. Reality as I think it is, is very much different than life on earth.

Time is an illusion: This means to me that knowing things in the future is just as easy as knowing things from your past, because in “reality” everything happens all at once and our perception of time is there to help us make sense of things on earth. So, in this light, having a flash of insight about a “future” event is no more special and or difficult than remembering something from your “past”. Tapping into these “future” insights is generally called precognition, or ESP or some other label. I think everyone does this everyday, but some people (I don’t know why) are better at than others. I think I have at least average or better ESP, but that is another post.

We create or earth experience with our thoughts and desires. This idea is called the “law of attraction” and I believe that because I have seen it work in many ways in my life. Generally, the LOA attracts a matching external experience in your life to whatever internal experience you are thinking about. It works whether you are aware of it or not, kinda of like gravity, but if you learn to practice using the LOA you can create a more desirable external life experience. Google up a movie called “The Secret” and or a movie called “What the bleep do we know” to learn more about the LOA.

The Universe does not understand “NO”. This is more of the LOA, but an important lesson. The key here is using the LOA in a manner that will get you what you want. The great example is to always be positive in your desires vice “anti” the the thing you don’t want. The universe responds to the images that you hold in your mind, so if you are holding images of war in your mind then you get more war…the universe can’t tell that you don’t want it…it dumbly responds to the “image”. Let’s have a list we need another list:

  • Anti-war:Pro-Peace

  • War against Drugs:Campaign for drug-free life

  • War against Cancer:Campaign for cancer-free life

  • War against “insert whatever here”: Campaign for “insert whatever here” -free life

I don’t “really” need anything in reality. We are all perfect and sinless eternal creatures in reality. The world is perfect and doesn’t require salvation. My goal is to make my experience on earth more peaceful, fulfilling, enjoyable, helpful, enlightening and just more fun every day. I want to wake up everyday and really want to jump out of bed and think…THANK YOU UNIVERSE for another AWESOME day on earth!!! And then get to giving value to people and helping them in any way I can. I’m not sure how I will help anyone that is up to the Universe.

LOA says you don’t need to know HOW, to do anything. Just intend, want, think, visualize the situation you want to create in your external life, and then let it go. That is the asking part, then the you watch for signs that what you want is flowing to you. Then you need to take ACTION and grab it. People forget the ACTION part…you can think all you want…but this is a material “game world” and your interface with the game world is your body…you have to use to get what you want.

Fear is made up by me. I have all kinds of fear rolling around in my memories. When I feel fearful, I get scared, then remember that if I’m afraid, there must be a lesson coming through from the universe and I need to relax and figure out what I need to do to get over the fear.

I chose to come to earth. Some part of me, that is still in “reality” is my inner guidance system. I listen to the “Big Jeff” for advice and plans. The “Big Jeff” made the plan to come to earth before (“before” sounds funny now right?) I was born…”Big Jeff” is looking at the “Big Plan” in reality. “Big Jeff” can see all the way to the end of “little jeff’s” life on earth and beyond to more lives to come…so he’s a lot smarter than “little jeff”.

Sickness is another lesson from “Big Jeff” telling me that whatever I am doing or thinking is off course, so I need to want something else or get some more rest and eat right and exercise. “Big Jeff” delegated body maintenance to “little jeff” and I sluff off A LOT…”Big Jeff” forgives me (but he doesn’t feel sore when “little jeff” goes back to the GYM after the HOLIDAYS! :-))

The only way to keep something is to give it away. The universe seems to be set up to favor giving. This is why we work. When we work, we trade time for money. I always enjoy helping people while at work…any way I can help people, I will try. Now, I am trying to figure out what my strengths are so I can really enjoy helping people the way I want to help them.

I (Big Jeff) picked my purpose on earth and it is to be happy. If I am happy, I will do a better job at helping people, which will in turn make me more happy, eventually leading to the jumping out of bed ready to ROCK the world situation.

Investing in the stock market is really giving your money away. I figured this out (Big Jeff probably told me). I loan a company money and they give me this electronic check called a “share”…the shares have value and the value either goes up or goes down. For the most part, the value goes up and the company makes money, and my share value goes up…win win. The universe favors the stock market and long term investing in good companies.

I believe in miracles because this world we live in is created by our collective minds. Whatever most people believe to be possible becomes possible.

I only help people if they ask for help…I don’t want to disturb their groove and what the hell do I know (see top: Nothing.)

I can heal myself, but I still get the sniffles on occasion. My belief about sickness has kept me from taking a sick day from work for a VERY long time…I really don’t remember the last time I called in sick for a cold or flu or anything like that. I prefer healing myself with mediation than taking drugs or going to the doctor. For me, western medicine is good for Emergency Repair….like after a major accident or if I need a piece of my body removed that would otherwise kill me. But for healing, I can handle that myself.

I no longer fear much.

I embrace silence, whenever I can get it.

I love mornings, when everyone is still in bed.

I mediate by saying AHHHH with my eyes closed.

I am very grateful to the universe and Big Jeff for everything that flows into my life.

This is always subject to change.

?????????????????? <—-(Big Jeff must have put this in here…I don’t know where it came from)…I’ll leave it in just in case. 😉

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