Packers 42, Seahawks 20

Oh Baby!!!!

Link to video highlights

Now that was an AWESOME game!!!

??Here are some highlights:

  • 1st quarter:?? 1st play, Ryan Grant Fumbles the ball and the Seahawks pick it up and score a touchdown.?? YIKES!

  • Kick off, return, two nice run plays, then…Ryan Grants fumbles around the 50 yard line.?? Seahawks recover and score another quick touchdown.?? YIKES! YIKES!

  • Kick off, Packers drive down the field and score a touchdown….OKAY…that’s better.?? 14-7 Seahawks

  • Seahawks:?? 3 and out.?? Punt.

  • Packers:?? Touchdown!!!?? 14-14.

Afterthat point it was all PACKERS!!?? In the snow, lots of fun…YEHAW!