New Category: Green Bay Packers!

I, Yooper Smith, like MANY yoopers across the U.P., am a packer fan. The packers went 13-3 this season and are the #2 seed in the NFC play-offs. Tomorrow the pack faces the Seattle Seahawks in historic Lambeau field in what I’m sure will be a great match up. I think most people think Green Bay will win this game, but it is not a for sure thing. Seattle is playing very well and they are peeking at the right moment.

Seattle’s coach, Mike Holmgren, is a Packers and Green Bay hero, because he led a young Brett Farve and the Packers to a hugh Superbowl win after the 1996 season. Their offensive systems are the same “west coast” style offensive which favors a lot of short dink and dunk passes.

Both teams are VERY familiar with each other and pretty evenly matched. You have to like Green Bay to win because they are playing at home and their running game is much improved with a great offensive line and wide receivers that finish blocks down field.?? While the Seahawks on the other hand have become rather pass heavy due and really lack a solid running attack.

Having said that, Green Bay will still have to bring their “A” game to beat the Seahawks because the loser goes home and the winner stays in the hunt for SuperBowl GLORY.

Yes, Yooper is STOKED for the game tomorrow and I can’t wait really.?? Tomorrow, I will be sitting in my comfy chair, weary my #4 jersey, sending good vibes to the packers all the way to victory.

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