Relax! There is nothing to fear.

Fear is all around us. Everyday, it seems there is something new to fear. I’m here to tell you that there is nothing to fear, so you can relax.

First, I don’t know anything, this is just what I believe, so you have to make up your own mind whether to choose fear or its opposite (it’s opposite is love in my humble opinion).

Second, we are all really perfect just the way we are, change less, perfect and eternal. Some how and some way, we have all convinced ourselves that we are on earth walking around in bodies. In reality, we are all one big quantum jumble of “I-am-ness”. That is a made up word: I-am-ness.

At some point during my eternal I-am-ness, I’m sure that I chose to come to earth for a while to learn something or help someone or maybe it was for just for fun.

So here I am/was an eternal jumble of I-am-ness and I find myself on earth, and I forgot what was going on, and I thought the dream was real. When I thought everything on earth (sin, pain, death, war, prison, yada yada…you know all the big bads) were real…earth was VERY scary. Then, I remembered that, I was dreaming. Not only did I realize that I was dreaming, but that once I woke up a little, that I could actually begin to control and steer the dream the way I want it to go.

I also realized that everyone in the world is a character in a dream…so really a part of my mind. I decided it was silly to compete against or argue with dream characters, it just didn’t make sense anymore.

So, relax, and be happy and enjoy your dream on earth. Make it a happy dream. If you want help waking up, seek out advice from happy people that are relaxed. Read books by Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra and check out Steve Pavlina’s web page. Watch movies like What the bleep do we Know and The Secret.

Replace fear with love. Imagine everyone you meet, IS YOU wearing a different body. They are all trying to help you wake up from a dream and help you do whatever you want. Help them do the same.

Oh wait, I might have started at the end, I do that sometimes….this all sounds crazy, but there it is. That’s why I’m happy.

There is no “out there” out there…you’re dreaming and you’re ok, so relax, there is nothing to fear. 🙂