Was Yooper in a "Boy Band"?


Yooper is on the right. He was stationed in Hawaii, living in the dorm and eating pizza and drinking beer with another dude. I don’t remember that guy’s name (I am really bad with names). So…let’s look at this 1990ish version of Yooper. Sorta thin. There is hair on my head. I kinda look tan. I might have been in a boy band!

Although I had many offers, I was dedicated to serving my country, so I turned aside from fame and fortune. 😉


So here is Yooper on 28 Sep 2007 during my retirement ceremony. I am bald, kinda fat, and not really all that tan. My boy band days are OVER!

But, I still work out about 30 minutes (at least) five times a week. After the holidays, I have to surge the exercise to get back in shape…here we go.

It’s 4 Jan 2008, and I think I weigh about 215 or 220 (yikes!). I need to get down to about 195, and I will allow myself until 1 Mar 2008 to get there.