Moments of Sublime Perfection. Evidence that we all create our own reality.

I saw this clip last night on TV on New Year’s with friends. It is Tiger Woods chipping in The Master’s in 2005. Please check out this video (it is a rather long clip, worth it, but you can fast forward to last 30 seconds or so to get the gist of the idea of this post.)

When I see things like this I imagine that god is winking at me through the ball as it rests on the lip of the cup, to say, YES I AM HERE. YES, I AM PERFECT!

This has happened to me in many subtle ways on several less public occasions, so the message is private between me and GOD. So, I really love finding these clips that give us a glimpse at what can be done with INTENTION and desire.

(Revision from Rick): Sometimes, things done with intention and desire can have the most unexpected and serendipitous results. Case in point, look at the video again and notice how the Nike logo is perfectly centered in the middle of screen…the most perfect moment in advertising history?

Do you have more examples? Please post your links (no files please…bandwidth you know) and comments about moments you have seen or experienced yourself.

THANKS for playing. 🙂

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