Step 1: Live Below your Means: Have money left over after every pay check

When people talk to me about investing, they usually want to start somewhere around the middle of idea with questions like:

  • Hey, what should I invest my money in to make a lot of money?
  • Yo, I heard you make a lot of money on your investments, what mutual funds do you buy?
  • So, Mr. Investing guy, now that you lost all of that money in the stock market (after a big slump) what are you going to do now?

These are all great questions, but I always end up just referring people to because when I try to answer them, they really don’t understand what I’m talking about. The fool has 13 steps in the fool school, so far, I have 3 steps:

Step 0: Change the way you think about money

Step 0.5: Shift your Attitude Towards Money: Where do you seek Happiness?

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Packers 42, Seahawks 20

Oh Baby!!!!

Link to video highlights

Now that was an AWESOME game!!!

??Here are some highlights:

  • 1st quarter:?? 1st play, Ryan Grant Fumbles the ball and the Seahawks pick it up and score a touchdown.?? YIKES!

  • Kick off, return, two nice run plays, then…Ryan Grants fumbles around the 50 yard line.?? Seahawks recover and score another quick touchdown.?? YIKES! YIKES!

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New Category: Green Bay Packers!

I, Yooper Smith, like MANY yoopers across the U.P., am a packer fan. The packers went 13-3 this season and are the #2 seed in the NFC play-offs. Tomorrow the pack faces the Seattle Seahawks in historic Lambeau field in what I’m sure will be a great match up. I think most people think Green Bay will win this game, but it is not a for sure thing. Seattle is playing very well and they are peeking at the right moment.

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