Travel Log: 7 Springs Inn and Suites, Palm Springs, CA

I am writing this post from my bed in the 7 Springs Inn and Suites room right next to the Jacuzzi. This trip is part of our holiday present to each other. Yayoi and I don’t exchange gifts, but we do spend money on trips like this. This is a pretty nice hotel and the attraction for us is the in the in room Jacuzzi. I get to use the sauna at the gym nearly every day, but it seems like I don’t get a good soak as often as I would like…hmm, I should do something about that!

In about 30 minutes, we are leaving for dinner at “Roy’s” for what Yayoi calls Hawaiian and Japanese fusion…I know nothing about the place, so after we eat, I will add some more to this post and let you know what we ate. The hotel has free Wi-Fi, which is great, because I want to start posting to the blog whenever we travel. Part my dream life is to be able to earn a living from posting to the blog from wherever we/I happen to be and I must say…the world is set up to comply with this dream!! More later. (Edits added later).

(Next day)

As promised, I will tell you what I/we thought of Roy’s.

Roy‘s is a very nice place. Not sure if this is “fine dining” because I am not a fancy person, but this is a real nice place to eat.

I got a nice ale that was tasty and I am a beer snob. This is what we had to eat:

Grilled Hawaiian Satay Skewers
Curried Chicken, Mongolian Beef, Miso Eggplant
& Shrimp with Wasabi Dipping Sauce

Everything on this little tray of goodies was very tasty, we both really liked this.

Roasted Baby Beet Salad
with Goat Cheese Ranch Dressing

A weird salad, maybe, but this was better than I thought it would be. I liked everything except the iceberg lettuce. I can do without iceberg as a rule. The beets and the rest of the salad were pretty good.

“Pulehu” Style Hawaiian Barbecued Sirlion
Sake deglazed with a Green Peppercorn Sauce

This was my Entree. It came with potatoes a gratin with spinach on top and onion rings. The steak was very tasty; the sides were kind of boring, but not bad.

Cracked Black Peppercorn Crusted Salmon Steak
with a Caramelized Maui Onion Pale Ale Sauce

This was Yayoi’s Entree. Yayoi’s came with fried breaded zucchini and the same potatoes as mine. I will only comment about what I thought about her food. To me, her whole entree plate was ok, but nothing special. She liked it more than me, and I liked the leftovers the next day more than the first night. I had a big lunch before we went out to eat, so my whole mood was…”I really don’t want to be eating right now.

Roy‘s Melting Hot Chocolate Souffl??
Flourless Chocolate Cake with a Molten Hot Center
served ?? la Mode

This dessert was AWESOME. I was full and could hardly stop eating it.

Macadamia & Almond Caramel Tart
Baked in a Shortbread Crust served ?? la Mode.

Not as good as the Souffl?? but it was still very tasty.We both want to go back to Roy’s again; it gets two big thumbs up from Yooper and Yayoi!!

(Yooper and Yayoi were not paid for their comments from Roy’s) 😉