The "link" where YooperSmith learned about money

I gave my co-worker, Liz, some advice today. I said, “Liz, you need to take that money you have out of that annuity (ummm?) and put it in a self directed brokerage account so you can invest in some index based stock mutual funds and ETFs.” (or something like that). Then I showed her how much money I was making doing just that.

Liz asked me where I learned about investing and money…ha ha you have to click!

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Christmas on the beach

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Yayoi and I decided to take the RV out to the beach on Christmas eve. This was a last minute idea, so we had to get to the RV park (Dockweiler State Beach) as soon as we could because it was first come first serve. Since the park is only about 10 miles from our house, I drove the RV and Yayoi followed in the car. We got a spot, parked the RV, and then took off for the rest of the day to shop and eat. We make it back to the beach in time to watch the sun go down over the ocean (ahhh, that was nice).

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Travel Log: 7 Springs Inn and Suites, Palm Springs, CA

I am writing this post from my bed in the 7 Springs Inn and Suites room right next to the Jacuzzi. This trip is part of our holiday present to each other. Yayoi and I don’t exchange gifts, but we do spend money on trips like this. This is a pretty nice hotel and the attraction for us is the in the in room Jacuzzi. I get to use the sauna at the gym nearly every day, but it seems like I don’t get a good soak as often as I would like…hmm, I should do something about that!

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Step 0: What do you think about money?

I have an admission. I am the “spender” in my family. Before I married my AWESOME wife Yayoi, I had wracked up well over $10k of credit card debt. Wait a second, let me write that again and put all the zeros behind to get the message through: OVER $10,000!! And what were the life changing purchases that required me to go so far into debt? Hmm, well it’s been about 14 years, but here is a short list of what I remember buying with my credit card:

Part of the Festival of Frugality #106

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