A Journey in the life of Yooper

I am on a journey in this life. Not just the journey that I take when I go to the bathroom, or to a strip joint or maybe to the office, no I mean, I’m on one of those “spiritual” journeys.

I will start this story about two years ago. At some point in 2004, my wife and I decided that we did not want to have children. This was a BIG deal for us (or at least me) because it was like I was lying to myself for a long time and making this decision was like admitting something profound to myself…I don’t want to have children.

We arrived at this decision after trying many fertility tricks and we experienced a very nasty little procedure that caused Yayoi (my wife) a great amount of pain (she lost her lunch and nearly passed out in the doctor’s office). After that, I started questioning whether either one of us had the stomach to actually have a kid.

Here’s a funny bit. I used Google as a magic eight ball. I typed in “Should I have a baby?” What came up was Dr. Phil. He helped us see that we didn’t want to have a child but were trying to live up to others expectations of what people should do after they get married.

So, here I am with more time on hands because I am not stressing out about having a kid and I am feeling like trying to be more honest about me to me (if that makes any sense at all).

So I read two books by Dr. Phil. I figured that was the least I could do, he helped me out with the baby thing. Self Matters and Life Strategies were the books. I liked reading the books, but I didn’t do the exercises. I’m still working on being lazy. Thanks Dr. Phil, and I love your show.

The next book that I read was “Manifest your Destiny” by Wayne Dyer. This is great little book, that I gave away after reading it. This really “got me” I started mediating and following the rules in the book and IT WORKED. All the little things worked because I believed they would. Here are some examples:

– I am (as was then too) in charge of a network. I am not a sys admin, but more like small time IT manager, so I know enough to know what I don’t know (if you know what I mean). I didn’t have a sys admin. I had a network, but no one that knew how to make it work, or fix it if it broke. The backups hadn’t worked in six months and nobody could figure out how to make it work. It practical terms, I was dancing with disaster. I told my bosses without being to chicken-little-like, but they couldn’t help me because there “was no money” to hire a new sys admin. It seemed that my only choice was to fire the person who was supposed to be the sys admin but didn’t have the skills. I didn’t want to do that because he did add a lot to the shop in other ways that I needed too, so I didn’t want to lose him. So, I didn’t know how, but I knew I needed a sys admin. I did the meditation, where you think of the thing you need. You visualize it happening and everything working out great, then I visualized a gift-wrapped box that I would throw into a river and let it float away. Sounds like hooey I know. But guess what? I got a sys admin and here’s how.

We had been supporting another organization for years, because they were small time…like 8 users and five machines, no big deal. There was no official agreement to help them, but we did. Then their guy comes in and says “we need you to build us a network and set it up in another building and support 14 computers and our network” So I said “Ok, then you need to fund another sys admin for me” And he said “ok”. He didn’t even ask how much! It cost about $300k…and he complained that I didn’t spend enough (I’m not joking). So the new sys admin comes in and fixes the network in the nick of time. The first full back of the file server was done only like three days before we had a total hardware failure on the main file server. We only lost a day worth of data and we looked shit hot (I know most places would can me, but what can I say?).

– I wanted a customer service area, but I couldn’t figure out how. My troops did. And then they figured out where everyone would sit after we lost a whole office worth of desk space. This was another gift from the river in my mediations.

– My new boss and I were at odds when we first started working together. Then I said to myself, “self, you are doing this to yourself!…stop it”. From then on, I thought only good things and graditude toward my boss. This last quarter he nominated me for employee of the quarter (WOW!)

The next book I found on the path was called “No Time for Karma” which is an awesome book that is very cool and kinda funny and FREE. Check it out.

I also read “The Power of Intention” by Wayne Dyer. His videos are better than his books. I love this videos, but the books are pretty much the same stuff with a different spin…which is ok, just don’t buy more than one (grin). I love Wayne Dyer.

All of the books above kept referencing a book called “A Course in Miracles” and I have to say that this was “IT” for me. The holy grail, the book of all books. Grand in scope, and simple in execution. If you believe this book, and take it to heart then you have no problems and joy, salvation and perfect peace will certainly follow. I am still reading this book. I read the text and I am working on the “workbook for students”. I will finish it, I am just not rushing through it. You can learning more about A Course in Miracles at:


Along the way, I watch “What the Bleep do we Know“. One of my troops told me to watch this movie. This movie helps to teach people that have a hard time taking things on faith and like to see people with PHDs say that “we are all one”. I love the science side of these ideas as well. I also got to learn about Ramtha.

My latest video and e-book (you have to JOIN, but its free and they only want your email address) came from a video called “The secret“. This video is all about the “law of attraction” and how we are all creating the things and situations that we see in our lives….i.e. for good or ill we are all “manifesting our destinies” whether we admit it our not. You can watch the movie on your computer for 5 bucks and if you like it and buy the DVD they give your your five bucks back as a discount on the purchase of the DVD. The video is worth having and the ebooks are both great. Both of the books were written about 100 years ago and are saying the same things that all the books and videos are saying in this post.

So there is a very short story about some very exciting “Meaning of Life” type ideas. And this post will serve as a intro for the Meaning of Life category. It’s all about life’s journey from cradle to grave and points beyond.

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