Travel Log: Camp Moabi on the Colorado River

I returned from my RV adventure on the Colorado River on Labor day. Other than the heat of the desert, I had a great time. The friends that I went with have two wave runners, so we rode those everyday from our private beach. Riding on a river is better than riding on a lake for a lot of reasons. First, we got the private beach and were able to launch the boats once and ride all week and just tie them off at the beach. Also, you don’t have to follow any “camp rules” and can pretty much do whatever you want on the boats…hard turns, 360’s…whatever. Next, you can go somewhere because you are not stuck in a Lake. We rode the wave runners to Lake Havasu. We tied off the boats for free at the dock and had lunch and did a little shopping before we headed back. Lastly, in the river (and in Lakes for that matter), people gather at sandbars and drink beer, get naked and generally have a good time.

We also did some fishing from our beach and caught a lot of bass. They tasted even better because we caught them.

My plan was to take my RV to Phoenix to store it for the winter to save some money. I was paying over $100/month in storage fees in California. Turns out, I found a storage place just over the boarder in AZ that only cost $39/month. So I got to stay longer and didn’t have to drive all the way to Phoenix.

We took a side trip in my friend???s trailer to the Grand Canyon after the river. We did a ATV tour through the woods and took pictures at sunset looking over the rim.

To top of the trip, we stayed in Laughlin, NV for one night in a hotel and did a little gambling. I lost a little money in the end, but my friends ended up about $1000 richer. I really enjoyed playing blackjack at the Colorado Belle Casino. They have two dollar tables and you can play all night and don’t have to spend a lot of money.

We all had a great time, so if you are in the area, and can beat the desert heat, I highly recommend this area.