Book Review: Ultrametabolism (Mark Hyman, M.D.) teaches me how to eat.

This sounds silly, but I didn’t know how to eat. Or, that should be, I didn’t know how to eat for health. I downloaded the digital edition of Ultrametabolism (by Mark Hyman, M.D.) after watching a PBS special. After I let it sit on my hard drive for a few weeks, I decided to start reading it after I noticed that my uniform didn’t fit anymore. I had crept up to 215! I usually think I am fat and happy at about 190 (I am 5’11.5″)…but 215 is a bell ringer.

So, I read the book and started working with the recipes. First thing you notice is that its not a “diet” book. The author merely explains to you all the negative effects of eating “junk food”. But the big surprise is that we eat a lot more junk food than we think. Things like white rice and white bread (or most soft bread) is in the don’t eat category.
During my Phase I (there are two phases, so Phase II will last the rest of your life…if stick to it) I lost about 7 pounds and my uniform fit better. Also, I admit that I feel off the wagon at a party and gained some weight back…not a big deal in my mind, because as long as I live my everyday life eating the right foods at the right time…during parties and events, I can binge a little (I know the author will disagree, but this is my blog!)

Pros of the this way to eat:

* Good food, great recipes and easy to prepare.

* Eat all you want! As long as its on the list, you are not calorie restricted…I love that.

* Eating good whole raw food makes you feel better and have more energy.


* Whole food is more expensive (but worth it). This just means that you need to get bye in from the family.

* Phase I guidelines work but are a little much to take (no alcohol or caffeine for 3 weeks was a bit much to take, so I didn’t do it…but I greatly reduced.)

* Hard to eat out and stick to phase I…I just did my best.

Overall, I give this book two thumbs up. Oh yeah, it is definitely something you want to check out if you are chronically sick, because “junk food” probably plays a role in your condition. Find more info at